PA Forces Rescue Four Israelis From Palestinian Village

An Israeli policeman walks as security forces guard the area on July 26, 2016 at the Qalandia crossing between the West Bank city of Ramallah and Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem, after Israeli private security guards shot and wounded an 18-year-old Palestinian suspected of planning to stab them. A police statement said …

The Times of Israel reports: A group of Israeli settlers, including three off-duty soldiers, were rescued from a Palestinian village in the northern West Bank on Friday after they entered the area for as-yet-unknown reasons and were quickly set upon by local residents, the army said.

The four Israelis entered the village of Qusra, east of Ariel, on Friday morning. Once inside the village, residents of the hamlet surrounded the group and began throwing rocks at them, according to the Israel Defense Forces. In response, the armed Israelis fired shots into the air.

Palestinian Authority security forces stepped in to detain the four settlers — who apparently came from the nearby Esh Kodesh outpost — for their own safety, municipality head Abdul Azeem al-Wadi told AFP.

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