Report: Islamic State Bomb Expert Blows Himself Up in ‘Work Accident’

A picture taken on October 29, 2016 shows smoke billowing following a car bomb attack as Iraqi forces and the Hashed al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilisation) hold a position near the village of Ayn Nasir, south of Mosul, during the ongoing battle against Islamic State group jihadists to liberate the city of …

Ynetnews reports: Senior ISIS leader Abu Abdullah was recently killed in a “work accident” when he was trying to rig a bomb on a roadside in southern Mosul and the device accidentally went off. A fellow member of the Sunni terrorist organization was also killed in the explosion.

Described as a bomb expert, Abdullah was a second-tier leader in the terrorist organization and had previously been responsible for dozens of detonations.

He was renowned for rigging buildings with detonation devices as the terror cell tried to inflict as much damage as possible while they are being forced out of Mosul by the Iraqi army backed by the US-led coalition.

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