Iranian VP: ‘The Americans Have Chosen a Wrong Path These Days’

ranian Islamist hardliner women hold anti-US slogans outside the British embassy in Tehran, 28 September 2005. Hundreds of Iranian Islamists pelted the British embassy in Tehran with tomatoes, stones and firecrackers in response to mounting pressure on the Islamic republic's nuclear programme. AFP PHOTO/BEHROUZ MEHRI (Photo credit should read BEHROUZ …

The Times of Israel reports: Iranian officials continued to rail against the US after its latest ballistic-missile test launch led to President Donald Trump slapping the Islamic Republic with fresh economic sanctions.

Relations between Tehran and Washington have deteriorated sharply since Trump took office last month, promising a tough line on what he sees as Iranian belligerence toward US interests.

Iran’s test firing of a ballistic missile last week has led to an increasingly tense stand-off between Washington and Tehran. On Monday, senior Iranian officials warned the White House against provocative language.

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