German Prosecutors Obtain Arrest Warrant For Man Targeting Refugees, Jews

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(AP) — German federal prosecutors say they’ve obtained an arrest warrant for a man suspected of involvement in a far-right extremist group that wanted to attack police, asylum seekers and Jews.

The prosecutors said in a statement Tuesday the 66-year-old German man, identified only as Karl Burghard B., is suspected of alleged crimes that include weapons violations and helping to form a terrorist organization.

Officers who raided his apartment last month found weapons and ammunition.

The suspect is already in detention for a different matter.

Prosecutors say seven people in total are under investigation on suspicion of founding a network on social media last year to organize attacks on Jews, police officers and asylum-seekers.

Authorities said there was no indication that concrete plans for attacks had already been made.

The warrant marks another step in tracking down potenially dangerous German entities among its civilian population. It follows a crackdown on far-right German extremists carried out by the police in January.