Hezbollah Terror Chief Nasrallah: Trump Exposed the ‘Racist’ Face of America

Hassan Nasrallah
Getty Images

Ynetnews reports: Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah stated Sunday that he is unperturbed by US President Donald Trump’s political positions, stating that he has merely “exposed the true face of the American government, the ugly, oppressive, and racist one.”

During his speech which he gave during the memorial service for a Hezbollah cleric who had recently passed away, Nasrallah addressed publications propounding that Hezbollah is worried and fears the rise of Trump.

“What’s new? The new thing is that previously, there was a president who covered himself in hypocrisy and spoke beautiful words, but he invoked sanctions and supported wars like the one in Yemen that led thousands into starvation, supported dictatorships and created ISIS to damage the religion of Islam,” the leader of the terrorist group said.

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