Netanyahu’s Office Threatens Lie Detector Tests Over Security Cabinet Leaks

A polygraph examiner applies electrodes on the fingers of a student at the Latin American Polygraph Institute in Bogota, Colombia, on June 12, 2007. The polygraph is all the rage in deception-weary Colombia, with more than 300 businesses using the instrument to screen employees. The prime time TV show "Nothing …
AP /Fernando Vergara

The Times of Israel reports: WASHINGTON — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s chief of staff condemned harshly a series of leaks to come out of top-level meetings ahead of Netanyahu’s summit with US President Donald Trump, threatening to submit ministers to lie detector tests.

The government will “consider using polygraphs” to ensure that internal debates are not leaked from the security cabinet, one of Israel’s most sensitive security decision-making bodies, Yoav Horowitz told reporters accompanying the prime minister to Washington early on Tuesday.

On Sunday, Netanyahu convened the security cabinet, a forum of the most senior ministers, for a four-hour discussion in a bid to formulate policy on Iran, Syria and the Palestinians.

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