McClatchy: Breitbart’s Klein, Bannon’s Man in Middle East, Leads Influential Israel Bureau

breitbart jerusalem
Aaron Klein/Breitbart News Network

On Monday, Katie Glueck, senior political correspondent for the McClatchy news agency, published an extensive profile of Breitbart Jerusalem and how bureau chief Aaron Klein leads a team that reports from the Middle East while Breitbart grows in influence during the era of President Donald Trump.

Gleuck reported:

On a Wednesday afternoon in March, Klein was found running Breitbart Jerusalem operations from his luxurious three-story apartment located, notably, not in Jerusalem but in Tel Aviv, the most liberal, cosmopolitan city in Israel. As storm clouds gathered over the Mediterranean, which was visible from his airy kitchen, Klein sipped a Diet Coke and alternated between expounding on the opportunities for Breitbart Jerusalem in the Trump era and tending to his dog, a black and white papillon named Uzi—for the gun.

“We have major influence right now politically,” said Klein, who also makes the 45-mile trek to Jerusalem multiple times a week to report. “Our platform skyrocketed since the election. It increased in the last year, I would say. Around the time of the campaign,” he said. “With the rise of Trump and the rise of Breitbart.”

…Klein said the Breitbart Jerusalem platform is growing in influence along with the rest of the organization in the Trump era, and the outlet has recently landed interviews with prominent American and Middle Eastern officials.

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