Israeli Navy Preps for Hezbollah Sea Terror Attacks

israel navy

The Algemeiner reports: –  Israel’s Navy held a massive drill this week that included a simulated surprise attack by Hezbollah naval commandos on the Jewish state. The drill was part of an 11-day military exercise — the IDF’s largest in decades — to bolster preparedness.

One of the naval scenarios had Israeli sailors facing a swarm of Hezbollah terrorists on jet skis and small motorboats loaded with fighters, divers and suicide bombers headed for the Israeli coast or ready to attack Israeli vessels at sea.

Another scenario involved Hezbollah terrorists using jet skis to attack Israel without warning as a diversion from a major assault on Israel’s shores in other areas. Sailors also prepared for Hezbollah’s potential use of heavy rocket fire on the coast and its infiltration of Israeli communities near the border to kidnap civilians.

“This is absolutely a scenario that could open the next war in the north,” an IDF naval officer who participated in the drills told Yedioth Ahronoth.

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