Experts: Iran-Backed Hezbollah Has Become World’s Most Powerful Non-State Armed Actor


The Algemeiner reports: Iran’s proxy in Lebanon, the Shia terrorist movement Hezbollah, has become the “most powerful non-state armed force on the planet,” a report by a group of former senior military officials and diplomats, many of them from NATO member states, concluded this week.

The report from the independent High-Level Military Group (HLMG) — whose members include Iraq war veteran Lt.-Gen. Michael D. Barbero of the US, Gen. Klaus Dieter Neumann, former commander of the German armed forces, Lord Richard Dannatt, former commander of the British armed forces, and Lt. Gen. Kamal Davar, the former head of India’s Defense Intelligence Agency — asserted that Hezbollah now represents “a threat that few countries, much less sub-state organizations, on the globe can mount.”

A renewed war with Israel was “inevitable,” the report warned, that is certain to be “more violent and destructive” than previous conflicts. Hezbollah has reportedly been withdrawing its forces from Syria in recent weeks, transferring them toward Israel’s borders on the Golan Heights.

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