Watch: Palestinian Children Commit Anti-Israel Terror Attacks for Status Enhancement

Palestinian children commit terrorist attacks and acts of random violence against Israel so they can increase their social standing.

An official from the Palestinian NGO Defence for Children International – Palestine (DCI-P), Abu Qteish,  made the admission in an interview on PA TV, as translated and released by Palestinian Media Watch. It confirms the perceived wisdom that Palestinian leaders and other officials continue to praise the use of children in terror attacks and encourage youths to take up arms against the Jewish state.

Abu Qteish explained that Palestinian minors commit terror attacks in order to enhance their status in Palestinian society rather than as a direct response to a personal need to attack Israelis. He said:

There are children who, when they were in prison, told the lawyer: ‘I want to be imprisoned.’ The first time [the child] was imprisoned, he didn’t confess, and they released him because there was no evidence to convict him in the Israeli military court. The second time, there was no evidence either.

The third time, he wanted to be imprisoned so that his image won’t be hurt in the eyes of his friends, even though he is actually innocent… In several cases [Palestinian children] carried out stabbing operations because of the way the public looks at them. They realized ‘the best way to clear myself of this image [of helping Israel] is to participate in resistance operations.’

As Breitbart Jerusalem has reported, attacks against Israelis as carried out by Palestinians is a constant threat to the Jewish state.

In January this year alone, Israeli defense officials noted a sharp increase in Palestinian rock-throwing attacks after the United Nations Security Council passed an anti-Israel resolution on December 23, 2016 calling the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem “occupied Palestinian territories.”

According to statistics from Israel’s Shin Bet security agency, about half of the terrorists in the current terror campaign have been under age 20 with at least 21 terrorists – or 10% – under 16.

Just this week, a five-year-old Palestinian boy was caught at an Israeli prison trying to smuggle 10 cellphones in his underwear to give to his father, a convicted Fatah terrorist, and other security prisoners at the facility, as Breitbart Jerusalem reported.

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