Pro-Palestinian Social Media Hails ‘Martyr’ Terrorist Killed During Shootout with IDF

Israeli soldiers search for Palestinian attacker in the village of Kifl Haris near Ariel settlement, Monday, Feb 5, 2018. A Palestinian stabbed an Israeli man to death at a bus stop near Ariel settlement on Monday before fleeing the scene, police said. (AP Photo/Majdi Mohammed)
AP/Majdi Mohammed

TEL AVIV — Arab social media users have been mourning the death of Ahmed Jarar, a Palestinian resident of Jenin who was killed in an IDF shootout on Tuesday morning after murdering Israeli civilian Raziel Shevach last month near the Havat Gilad settlement in the northern West Bank.

“Allah have mercy on the heroic martyr Ahmed Jarar,” Egyptian journalist Ahmad Taha wrote on his Facebook account.

“The blessed Quran owned by Ahmed Jarar is a present he was given by his father, the martyr Nasser Jarar, years ago,” Palestinian journalist Romel Sweity wrote excitedly. “It was written on the book – ‘a gift to my dear son Ahmed.'”

Nasser Jarar, Ahmed’s father, was a Hamas official who was killed by Israeli security forces during the second intifada in 2002.

“Jarar’s death as a martyr is a victory for Palestinian determination and the weapon of the Palestinian resistance,” posted Hussam Arar, a Lebanese activist affiliated with Hezbollah. “Ahmed’s story will inspire thousands of young Palestinians in occupied Palestine and push them to confront the occupation.”

“A blessing and honor to the spirit of the heroic martyr Ahmed Jarar,” tweeted Dr. Haidar al-Lawati, an intellectual in Oman. “We proudly raise our heads by these warriors in an era of surrender and defeatism.”

“The blood of the martyr Ahmed Jarar breathes life into the veins of Palestinian resistance in the West Bank after years of drought,” tweeted the Al Jazeera network.

“It was prescient of the martyr Ahmad Jarar’s mother that she said, ‘He went from my lap to my father’s lap,'” tweeted Saudi journalist Turki Shalhoub, meaning that Jarar would join his father as a martyr killed by Israel.

Moataz Marrar, a well-known Egyptian television presenter who dedicated an entire show to Jarar, wrote, “Regards to your father Ahmed.”

“The bullet said: ‘I didn’t mean to enter his body, but his smell pulled me in like the smell of heaven, so I put my head in!'” tweeted Palestinian Authority activist Adham Sharqawi. “Blessings to you for your death as a martyr, blessings to everyone who understands that Israel only understands the language of the bullets. May God envelop you with his mercy.”

Hamas activist Muhammad Hanieh tweeted a video glorifying Jarar and wrote a quote by Ismail Haniyeh from the clip, “We are prepared to ascend (to heaven as martyrs).”

“Ahmed Jarar ascended (to heaven) after defeating them several times,” tweeted Palestinian author Lama Khater. “He stepped on their superiority and grinned at his killers. This glorious heritage of ours will remain our compass for many years – a legacy that rebels against all the restrictions on land. God have mercy on him, accept him as a martyr and leave his shadow above us.”