Israeli Farmers Concerned Over Latest Gaza Threat — Kite Terror

Smoke and flames rise from fields near the Kibbutz Beeri on the Israeli side of the border with the Gaza Strip east of Gaza City, after Palestinians flew a kite laden with a molotov cocktail over the border before cutting the string leaving the burning material to fall in Israeli …

The Algemeiner reports: Farmers in southern Israel upset over the damage being done to their fields by “kite bombs” launched by Palestinian terrorists across the border in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, the Hebrew news site Ynet reported on Tuesday.

“At first we thought it was a gimmick, some kind of joke,” a veteran farmer told Ynet of the new phenomenon. “But it turns out we were mistaken big time. This is very serious, and then some. This old-fashioned weapon is making major trouble for us and causing heavy damage.”

The “kite terror” campaign began earlier this month as part of the ongoing Hamas-orchestrated “Great March of Return” riots on the Israel-Gaza border. In recent weeks, numerous kites rigged with Molotov cocktails have ignited blazes in Israeli agricultural fields adjacent to the border.

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