Haaretz: ‘Israel’s Tourism Industry in Crisis’ Amid Wave of Palestinian Stabbing Attacks


Christmastime tourism in Israel is anemic this year as Palestinians carry on an intifada where radical Muslims have been stabbing Jews at random in public.

From Haaretz:

Israel’s tourism industry is in a crisis, with incoming tourism lower now than it was even after Operation Protective Edge last November.

According to Central Bureau of Statistics data, some 209,000 tourists came to Israel in November, down 4.6% from November 2014, and down a full 18.5% from November 2013 – before Operation Protective Edge.

Before the current wave of terror began in October, it seemed as though Israel’s incoming tourism was slowly on the mend. Incoming tourism in September was 6% higher than in October 2013; and figures for August were close to what they were for August 2013.

However, things reversed course in October, as dozens of widely-covered terror attacks hit Israeli cities. The impact on incoming tourism was immediate. October tourism was 14.5% lower than the figure for October 2013, but still higher than in 2014.

Yet the recently released figures for November indicate that the downward trend has continued.

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