Terror Threat Leads Israel to Announce New Penalties for Employing Illegal Palestinians

Getty Images Europe/ Ilia Yefimovich
Getty Images Europe/ Ilia Yefimovich

TEL AVIV – Amid fears of terror attacks, Israel adopted a series of measures on Sunday to increase punishment for businesses which employ Palestinians illegally residing in Israel.

The public security ministry stated that the new regulations were to deter employers from hiring Palestinians who have repeatedly take part in recent terrorist attacks in Israel.

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said, “The recent wave of terrorism has proven the danger of illegal Palestinian labors residing in Israeli cities and construction sites. We must increase the punishment against those who employ and assist them, so that it will no longer be worth it for them [employers] to endanger the lives of Israeli citizens.”

The measures will allow police to close businesses and construction sites for at least 30 days if they are caught employing Palestinians without legal permits to work and reside in Israel. Offenders can also be sentenced TO up to two years in prison or given a fine of NIS 75,000 ($19,30).

Repeat offenders can face up to four years in prison and fines as high as NIS 226,000 ($58,200) , and corporations can be fined up to NIS 300,000 ($77,250) for a one-time offense.