Israel Starts Returning Terrorists’ Bodies to Families

Najah al-Atrash, Saad al-Atrash
The Associated Press

Ynetnews reports: The Israel Police said Monday morning that the first of ten bodies of terrorists who committed attacks in the recent wave of violence had been returned to the family overnight.

The body of Ahmad Abu Shaaban was returned to his family in East Jerusalem. Shaaban’s body was supposed to be returned to his family last week, but hours before the handover was supposed to take place, the police told the family lawyer that “the handover of the body will be delayed.”

Shaaban was buried at night as stipulated in the conditions for the return of his body by the police. These conditions include the presence of no more than 50 people, a quiet burial in the dead of night, burial within three hours of the family receiving the body, and a NIS 20,000 deposit by the family to the police to be returned if all of the previous conditions are met.