Israeli Arab’s Family Suspect He Joined Islamic State

islamic state
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A 24-year-old Israeli Arab from near the Green Line travelled to Turkey about a month ago, and his family is now convinced that he made his way into Syria in order to join the Islamic State (IS) terror group.

The young man made no contact with his family after his trip, but his family said they only became suspicious after a few days, when they found a letter he had left behind explaining that he had divorced his wife and was planning to join IS.

“We don’t know who made him think of such an idea and who supported him,” said a relative. “We did not notice him supporting certain groups and did not think he was capable of doing such a thing. We also didn’t notice him supporting other groups. He always acted normally and without any changes in his life. We hope he sees this publication and understand that we are worried about him and waiting for him to return.”

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