More Pairs Of Terrorists Carry Out Attacks Than Before

Palestinian terror attacks
AFP Photo/Ahmad Gharabli

Ynetnews reports:  Since the beginning of the current escalation of violence, there have been 13 attacks committed by pairs of terrorists from the West Bank or East Jerusalem.

This trend is slowly beginning to challenge the perception that attacks are mainly carried out by “lone wolves” – single attackers – who go out to commit an attack without telling anyone of their intentions in advance.

Two or perhaps three terrorists committed the attack on Wednesday night in Har Brakha, while two others – Labib Azzam and Muhammad Zaghlawan, both 17 year old students from the Palestinian village of Qaryut – committed the attack at the Eli settlement earlier in the day.

IDF and Shin Bet forces are still searching for the two attackers from Har Brakha, who stabbed two IDF soldiers at a military post and escaped – likely towards the nearby village of Burin. Roadblocks have been set up around villages and locals are being questioned by security forces, who are searching vast areas in the countryside.

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