Hamas Preparing Iranian-Style Swarm Boat Attacks For Future Clash

Israeli navy small ships squadron

The Jerusalem Post reports: Hamas in Gaza has received Iranian operational instructions on how to prepare swarm-like boat attacks, and is preparing such capabilities for clashes with Israel, according to a senior naval source.

The Israel Navy’s Squadron 916 of fast patrol boats (pictured), tasked with securing the coastline, is training and preparing itself for combat with Hamas, while keeping a close eye on sea movements around the Strip.

“Hamas is building up its ability to cause much damage from sea-based attacks,” the navy source told The Jerusalem Post this week.

“It is improving its diving commando units, and creating sea forces that are much more capable than they were before. Hamas has received battle doctrines from Iran – which is also building up its sea capabilities – on how to deliver ‘stings’ through swarms,” the source said. “They will try to attack our vessels with swarms.”

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