Kenosha Woman on Rioters: ‘Don’t Come Crying to Us You God**mn Losers’

Kenosha woman

A woman who reportedly works in an area of Kenosha heavily damaged by protesters went off on the lawlessness actions of demonstrators, calling them both”sickening” and “disgraceful.”

“It’s sickening. This is sickening. This is disgraceful, and this is not going to solve any problems,” the woman, captured by both Town Hall’s Julio Rosas and BlazeTV’s Elijah Schaffer, told reporters.

“Black Lives Matter. All Lives Matter, people. Let’s get it together. Let’s work together. We are in hard times,” she said, adding that protesters are making things “harder than it has to be.”

“My God. A person that has worked 50 years in a furniture store has nothing and because why?” she asked. “Because a police officer made a bad choice. Don’t take it out on innocent people. All we want to do is make a living and come to work and help people.”

“Come on people. Get it together. This is sick. Sick. Sickening,” she said, emphasizing the damage to the community businesses.

“And it’s going to take months and months. So when there’s no unemployment, and you can’t get food stamps, don’t come crying to us you god**mn losers. Fucking— do something else. I can’t do it,” she added:

Rioters torched the city again on Monday night in protest of the officer-involved shooting of Jacob Blake, 29. Several videos show stores and vehicles completely consumed by flames throughout the area:

Another business owner, who owns several buildings in the area, spoke to Schaffer following the night of lawlessness.

When we came on scene, it was just carnage,” he said.

“I don’t understand why people do these things. Our society is just really disappointing. What about just being kind to people?” he asked.

“Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. And why don’t you just show everybody respect? I don’t care who you are — what color, race, creed. Everybody deserves that. So obviously we’ll clean up the damage and move forward,” he added:


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