WATCH: Protester Pushes, Harasses People in Detroit

Breitbart Texas / Cartel Chronicles

An agitated protester in Detroit pushed various individuals as he shouted and called them racist, including Black passersby.

The agitated exchange took place in Detroit where protesters from both sides gathered as the nation waits for election results. In one video, a man wearing a yellow jacket holds a cellphone in front of his face as apparently tried to provoke people from the other side, calling them racists or “coons.” During his tirade, the man in yellow pushes a man in a black jacket, whose back was turned.

After the push, the man in yellow repeatedly yells “back the fuck up” while the man in a black jacket says “my hands are in my pocket sir,” in what appears to be an attempt to de-escalate. In a previous video, the same man can be seen provoking other protesters.

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