WATCH: Antifa Attacks Then Runs Away After Patriot Group Fights Back

Antifa and patriot group members clash in multiple incidents. (Twitter Video Screenshot/Andrew Duncomb)
Twitter Video Screenshot/Andrew Duncomb

Antifa members came out to challenge a patriot group in Olympia, Washington, but retreated after the group fought off their attack, according to witnesses and Twitter posts. The Antifa group reportedly posted a “bash fascists” poster on social media before the incident.

Multiple brawls took place in the Washington capital city of Olympia on Saturday after an Antifa group showed up to confront a patriot group, independent videographer Andrew Duncomb told Breitbart News in a phone interview. “Antifa didn’t expect to be outnumbered,” Duncomb said. “They quickly retreated after the patriots fought back.”

Duncomb said the patriot’s protest was peaceful until Antifa showed up and began breaking into vehicles and stealing flags from the cars to burn in the street.

The first fight broke out near the State Capitol as punches and pepper spray flew freely between the groups. At one point in the brawl captured on video by Duncomb, a shot can be heard and multiple people reported, “shots fired.”

A man in a bright yellow shirt can be seen pointing a gun into the crowd. Someone can be heard yelling, “Kill that son of a bitch” and then a shot is fired. It is not clear who fired the shot. The video also does not indicate anyone was hit.

Twitter user Brian Conley, a self-proclaimed journalist and security trainer, posted a photo from a “trusted source.” In the thread, the source claims he is the person who was shot.

“A scuffle started when the chuds rushed in I was in the front, I got punched in the head, and bear maced,” the alleged victim told Conley.” I have no clue what was going on besides that because shit was so crazy at some point during that a gunshot went off.”

Independent Media PDX reported that Olympia police arrested the man in the yellow shirt.

Olympia police officials tweeted confirmation of the shooting and the subsequent arrest.

A second brawl began as Antifa attempted to burn a flag Duncomb said they stol from a vandalized vehicle. Several people get involved in the fight and one man, armed with a rifle, manages to secure the flag from a fallen Antifa member.

After multiple people engage in the altercation, the man in the yellow shirt can again be seen pulling a pistol and pointing it into the Antifa crowd.

Antifa again retreats from the confrontation.

AntifaWatch tweeted the patriots were called to rally for a “Re-Open WA” event on Saturday. Antifa responded, calling the group “Nazi punks,” and urged followers to turn out and “Squash Fascists.”

Videographer Andrew Duncomb told Breitbart News things were different this time because patriots outnumbered Antifa for a change. “If 200 Antifa showed up, it might have been a different situation,” Duncomb said. “This time — the patriots won and Antifa fled.”

In October, Duncomb experienced the other side of being outnumbered when an Antifa man wearing black bloc sucker-punched him at a Free Speech rally in San Francisco in October, Breitbart News reported. The attack left Duncomb with at least two teeth knocked out.

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