Seattle Woman Dismembered With 15-Inch Saw in Her Own Bathroom by Suspected Online Date

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From the Daily Mail

Detectives investigating the gruesome murder of a woman whose head, leg, and arm were dumped in a recycling bin in Seattle found a 15-inch pruning saw and bits of flesh in the bathroom, court documents reveal.

Ingrid Lyne, 40, was reported missing on Saturday morning after she went on a date at the Seattle Mariners opening game the previous night with a man she had met online and dated for about a month, court records show.

John Robert Charlton, 37, who is suspected of second-degree murder, told investigators he was too intoxicated to remember what happened after the two left the game and returned to her Renton, Washington, home.

Charlton was taken into custody on Monday and found with abrasions on his forehead and left hand, despite claiming he was not injured. Detectives also noticed his lip and chin were injured and there were scratch marks around his chest.

He has a lengthy criminal history in six states and served jail time in Utah and Montana. His own parents, Ray and JoAnn Charlton filed for a restraining order against their son in 2006 because they feared for their safety following his drunken outbursts.

On one occasion Charlton threatened his mother by telling her to watch the 2001 film Hannibal, starring Anthony Hopkins as a serial killer and cannibal, the Seattle Times reported.

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