California: A Glimmer of Hope in San Diego

California: A Glimmer of Hope in San Diego

This is the moment for Breitbart News to focus on California.

The times, they are a-changin’. Even in California.

Last (or near last) in the nation in K-12 test scores and business climate, first (or near first) in high taxes, unemployment and stifling regulation, California is on the road to Detroit.

Our one-party state, dominated by union special interests aggressively pursuing foolish utopian visions through an all-powerful mountain of bureaucracies, is destroying the middle class and driving job creators like Wendy’s and Buck Knives and thousands of other employers out of the state.

California Republicans are a mere remnant of a once powerful voice for opportunity, liberty, and individual responsibility. San Francisco Democrats hold every statewide office and, until recent scandals in the state Senate, held an invincible two-thirds majority in the state legislature.

So why am I optimistic about California?

More and more Californians are becoming aware of the destructive path the state is on. Californians want their “Golden State” back.

In the private economy, even Hollywood liberals howl at high taxes, threatening to make movies and TV series elsewhere unless taxes are lowered. Sure, they still donate to Obama, and applaud when he demands the rich pay their fair share–yet they then turn around and make the case that lower taxes on them will mean more jobs in the industry.

The public sector is bloated, arrogant, and inept. Billions for a bullet train to nowhere? Billions for a Bay Bridge repair using Chinese steel and rivets that are failing? K-12 students designating their own gender and using any bathroom and locker room they please?

The liberals–led by septuagenarian 60s survivors like Brown, Feinstein, Pelosi and Boxer–have played their hand. They had their day.

The glimmer of hope? San Diego.

In a shocking win, made possible by Democrat Bob Filner’s War on Women and subsequent resignation, Republican city councilmember Kevin Faulconer beat an Hispanic Democrat city councilmember who was backed by over $4 Million in labor money from Sacramento and Washington, D.C.

Faulconer became the only Republican mayor in the top 10 U.S. cities, and won with only 26% Republican registration.

How did he do it?

First, our mayor is an excellent speaker–disciplined, on message, and infectiously optimistic. His campaign was near-flawless, carrying the message to every part of town, and to every group that would hear it. Kevin speaks fluent Spanish (who knew?).

But it was the message that carried the election. A message that downplayed partisan differences. A message of inclusion, an appeal to our common aspirations, a commitment to solve problems that unified people regardless of party affiliation.

Kevin talked pot holes and cops, pension reform and government openness, jobs and neighborhoods, while his opponent lip-synched empty leftist rhetoric.

The GOP–not just in California, but all over the country–should take notice. Division does not add up to victory. Litmus tests are for the lab. Victory requires we translate our ideals of liberty and opportunity into ideas and proposals that resonate with a majority.

Champion transparency and accountability. The party that told Americans we could see what’s in the bill after they pass it just can’t compete.

Champion pension reform. The party that is a wholly owned subsidiary of the public employee unions can’t compete.

Champion job creation–the party that thinks food stamps are an economic stimulant can’t compete.

Kevin Faulconer’s victory means Californians are ready to listen to an optimistic alternative to the leftist dogma that is driving the state to bankruptcy and its citizens to despair.

Welcome, Breitbart California!

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