New San Diego Mayor's Budget Focuses on Safety, Infrastructure

New San Diego Mayor's Budget Focuses on Safety, Infrastructure

Newly elected San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer delivered his budget proposal to the public Monday afternoon. Faulconer held a news conference, describing his plan to increase revenues as the economy recovers and put a spending focus on infrastructure and public safety. San Diego Council members also weighed in on the budget at the conference and via social media.

“I remember when I was first elected to the Council, our reserves were at 3%, I think, as we were teetering on the edge of going off the cliff. And now with everybody working together we’re at 14%,” said Faulconer at Monday’s presentation. Faulconer was elected to the San Diego City Council in January of 2006. He also emphasized spending directed towards improving emergency response times, expanded library services, and technological upgrades at City Hall.

Monday night, Faulconer addressed attendees of the San Diego County Republican Central Committee meeting at the Town and Country Resort. Speaking on his budget proposal, he emphasized putting “dollars back into the police department” and money for street repair.

Councilwoman Lorie Zapf tweeted, “I’m happy with Mayor @kevinfaulconer‘s budget proposal. We’re focusing on rebuilding neighborhood services.” 

Mark Kersey, Councilman for San Diego’s District 5, said of the budget, “These problems we’re facing in infrastructure did not happen overnight and we’re not going to solve them overnight, but with continued investment, like what is reflected in this budget, we will be able to rebuild San Diego for future generations.”

San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria tweeted, “Thank you @kevin faulconer for including my results-focused approach to #homelessness in your budget plan.” Gloria, a democrat, served as Interim San Diego Mayor from August 30, 2013 to March 4, 2014, a total of 184 days.

On April 14, Mayor Faulconer tweeted, “Just released my balanced budget proposal. SD’s streets, libraries and public safety all get a boost.” 

At the Monday night Republican Central Committee meeting, the Mayor also commented on his recent election victory, saying, “We had the message that resonated throughout this city. If we stand on those principles and values, we win … not only with Republicans, but with Democrats and Independents. That’s our key, we stick to those principles and values, we stick to those fiscal reform issues, the sky is the limit for us.” He then expressed his optimism for the city, saying, “We have a very bright future in San Diego.”

A copy of the budget can be found here.