Bryan Singer Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Another Black Eye for Hollywood

Bryan Singer Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Another Black Eye for Hollywood

Right now we are in the Anita Hill Zone with the sexual abuse lawsuits against “X-Men” director Bryan Singer and three other Hollywood executives. We have sensational charges against high-profile individuals but only one accuser. The outcome is far from known, but Hollywood is getting another black eye regardless. And Hollywood brought this on itself.

For years the film industry produced film after film with a shared theme that said it might be healthy for children to have sex with adults.

And let us never forget that just a few years ago some of the biggest players in Hollywood took it to the streets to defend convicted child rapist Roman Polasnki. It is a naked fact that there is a big chunk of Hollywood that apparently believes some in the film industry should be allowed to get away with drugging, raping, and sodomizing 13-year-old children.

And they not only believe this, they shouted it from the rooftops – loudly and with sanctimony – at those of us not sophisticated enough to understand the nuance of raping a child and fleeing from justice.

Whether or not Singer’s accuser is telling the truth, the charges unfortunately fit the narrative of an industry that has done nothing to earn a benefit of the doubt. Tens of millions who have been intentionally alienated by Hollywood over the past 20 years see the film industry as nothing more than a sewer filled with marginally talented, smug hedonists who sexualize our children and seek to undermine, ridicule, and marginalize that which is objectively good.

Regardless of the final disposition of the Singer lawsuit, the charges themselves will always be just another talking point against an industry that has already shown itself to be on the evil end of sexualizing children and childrape-‘splaining.


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