Man Convicted of Rape Rubbed Raw Eggs on Victims

Man Convicted of Rape Rubbed Raw Eggs on Victims

The Los Angeles Times reports that Alberto Flores Ramirez, 36, of San Clemente, California, has been convicted of rape and sexual assault charges triggered in 2012 by convincing two women to undergo “spiritual cleansing” in which he rubbed raw eggs on their naked bodies then raped them.

Ramirez told one woman, who was trying to bring her children safely from Mexico to the United States, that he could cleanse her negative energy and induced her to come to a Santa Ana motel. They had met on an online dating site. Once the woman arrived, she disrobed, and then Ramirez rubbed raw eggs all over her before he sexually assaulted her.

The second woman, hailing from Las Vegas, met Ramirez on Facebook and was convinced by him that he could help her with her romantic life. She arrived at the same motel, bringing the raw eggs and ammonia he had asked for. After Ramirez poured the ammonia over her head, rendering her dizzy, he raped her.