Why SF Dominates LA in California Voting

Why SF Dominates LA in California Voting

Why do so many statewide politicians come from Northern California, when there are more people in Southern California? The answer is simple, writes Anthony York of Capitol Weekly: Democrats from the Bay Area vote.

“While the people may be in Los Angeles, the largest chunk of the state’s voters–those who actually cast ballots–come from the nine counties in the San Francisco Bay Area,” York explains. The numbers are striking: Los Angeles-area Democrats account for 29.8% of registered Democrats in the state, but only 21.3% of primary voters. Meanwhile, Bay Area Democrats make up 24.0% of registered Democrats but 30.9% of primary voters.

That explains “why seven of the nine Democrats who hold statewide office in California hail from the Bay Area,” York writes. 

The same may not hold true for Republicans; however, they have almost no hold in urban areas outside of Orange and San Diego counties. Currently, Secretary of State frontrunner Republican Pete Peterson–who wants to increase absentee voter participation–hails from the Los Angeles County city of Santa Monica.