Guns, Badges Stolen During Police Charity Game in Los Angeles

Guns, Badges Stolen During Police Charity Game in Los Angeles

A startling half-time discovery during a charity game between the LAPD’s football team the Los Angeles Centurions and the San Diego Enforcers — which includes team members from several San Diego law enforcement agencies — revealed that three handguns and four badges had been stolen from the locker room area of a Boyle Heights high school where the game was taking place.

KTLA news reported that the burglary occurred on Saturday, April 19, at around 5:30 pm, but police have yet to recover the stolen weapons and IDs. The items stolen were taken from San Diego law enforcement and border patrol officers. LAPD officers did not have any items stolen from them. The items were reportedly taken from bags that were not inside lockers, and there were no signs of forced entry, according to police. The two teams had separate lockers rooms.

The night before the policy charity game, the LA Times reported the fatal shooting of a 25-year-old man in Boyle Heights around 12:20 am. Detectives have asked for the public’s help Monday in finding the person who shot the man multiple times with a 12-gauge shotgun in a parking lot of an apartment complex. Law enforcement officials believe the crime is gang-related. 

Recently, a stolen FBI gun was recovered from a Bakersfield gang member who was seeking vengeance on a member of the Rollin’ 40 Crips. Stolen guns could only mean one thing: more gun-related crime. 

The investigation into the stolen law enforcement officers’ guns and badges is ongoing.