Could Clippers Return to San Diego?

Could Clippers Return to San Diego?

The San Diego Union-Tribune speculated Tuesday about the possibility that the Los Angeles Clippers’ new owner–if Donald Sterling bows out–could move the team back to San Diego. NBA commissioner Adam Silver is planning to have a vote of the league’s owners to force Sterling to sell the team–a vote that would require three-fourths of the owners to approve.

There was widespread skepticism on Facebook and Twitter. Facebook:

Not a chance.

Doubtful, they have developed a huge following in LA…especially since they have been playing so well.

To where? Not the sports arena. Which leaves… new construction? Ugh.

You don’t move FROM the best media market in the world … except if you’re the Raiders.

and play where?

Wouldn’t that be da bomb!

Pull like 25-30 folks a game

Responses on Twitter included:

ha! Honestly don’t think San Diego would support an NBA team, especially a mediocre one. We already lost two. You think otherwise?”

No. I think we’ve proven time and time again that we don’t like inside sports. :) Too nice out

Not if Magic buys the team. He wants an LA dynasty. Would love to see the team back here though

 no. Anaheim more likely.

Sure…and they can play on the deck of the USS Carl Vinson.

The Clippers played in San Diego from 1978 to 1984, relocating to Los Angeles at Sterling’s insistence.