Jerry Brown Dismisses Multiple-Choice Questionnaire for Candidates

Jerry Brown Dismisses Multiple-Choice Questionnaire for Candidates

Gov. Jerry Brown is so confident that he will win reelection that he is ignoring a survey put together by the Sacramento Bee for its voter guide and refusing to answer its questions. Every other gubernatorial candidate in California has filled out the multiple-choice questionnaire except for Akinyemi O. Agbede, an obscure Democrat.

Brown’s campaign told the Bee that he would answer questions vis-à-vis various issues, but would not answer multiple-choice questions. Some of the questions posed by the Bee include how important high-speed rail is to a prospective candidate, whether the state should spend more of its funds on reservoirs and dams, and the appropriateness of California’s current tax rate.

A spokesman for Brown, Dan Newman, dismissed the survey, saying, “Some subjects require more explanation (than) checking boxes.” He added that the survey was “simplistic and reductive.”

Thirteen gubernatorial candidates answered the questionnaire. GOP candidate Tim Donnelly’s campaign answered every question save one, and blasted Brown for his refusal to “answer questions on the issues for the people who elected him.” Republican Neel Kashkari’s campaign asserted that their own candidate had “demonstrated his commitment to transparency.