Razor Blades on Playground Injure Children in San Diego

Razor Blades on Playground Injure Children in San Diego

Razor blades intentionally placed in the grass near a playground in San Diego’s Mission Bay area cut into the feet of two young boys as they played. Disturbingly, incidents of razor blades maliciously placed to cause injury have become a nationwide trend.

The boys were playing barefoot in the park when they stepped on the blades. One, age 7, had to have paramedics remove the blade embedded in his foot. The other victim, age 15, sustained a lesser injury. In searching the park, police found a total of 19 blades.

Razor blades were discovered planted at the same park at least twice last year, according to ABC 10 News. Police are searching for witnesses and any evidence that would lead them to a suspect.

In East Molline, Illinois, razor blades were found affixed to playground equipment when a two-year-old sliced a finger on one of the blades, CBS News reported in March.

Brookhaven, Pennsylvania, was another site of razor blades taped to playground equipment in March according to CBS Philly.

In 2010 in Columbus, Georgia, one mother also found razor blades attached to playground equipment. A Mission Viejo woman admitted placing razor blades and nails at South Orange County playgrounds in 2003.


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