San Diego KFC Accused of Serving Breastfeeding Mom Raw Chicken

San Diego KFC Accused of Serving Breastfeeding Mom Raw Chicken

Their fryers are broken. That’s what the manager of a San Diego KFC told a woman who is currently breastfeeding her three-month-old baby after she complained about being served two raw chicken sandwiches, according to local ABC affiliate in San Diego


The baby was born with a heart condition that left him with only half a heart. The mom said that her son could die very easily if infected with bacteria such as salmonella, which he could have contracted from her ingestion of the raw chicken sandwiches.


Adding insult to injury, the manager allegedly went on to tell the mom that another restaurant patron had come in at 6:30 and complained that their potato wedges had not been cooked all the way, notes. The mother then said she had come in at 7:50, “so you guys kept using the fryer that was broken for an hour and a half.”


Further investigation by a 10 News anchor–who paid a visit to the local KFC–revealed that the manager had been removed from the restaurant due to other recent issues. The new manager said she had no knowledge of the broken fryers or the raw chicken.


The mother and her husband said they just wanted the restaurant to pay closer attention to and regularly check the temperature of their food. 10News has reportedly reached out to KFC’s corporate office but has not received a call back.

File image: Sakuma/AP