"Hook-Up Truck" Debuts, Goes Limp

"Hook-Up Truck" Debuts, Goes Limp

San Francisco’s Hook-Up Truck, which was designed for couples to copulate while in a commercial box truck that was mobile, made its debut over the weekend. Two couples climaxed their weekend with ejaculations of satisfaction. 

The brainchild of artist Spy Emerson, the Hook-Up Truck made its debut at Oakland Art Murmur as part of the First Friday festival. At 6 p.m. last Friday, Emerson was driving her truck, with its 5½-by-7 foot room, to head to the festival, but security denied entry to her vehicle.

Screaming “I wouldn’t want to be part of this anyway…I’m happy to park on the roadside,” Emerson headed her truck to an area under Interstate 980 on 27th Street and Northgate Avenue, where news cameras photographed the vehicle, according to sfgate.com. 

After some hours passed and the cameras were gone, a couple named Don and Tracy from Richmond, both 46 and united for 23 years, climbed into the truck and proceeded to get a little closer. After finishing, they exited, with Tracy saying, “That was fun. You feel like its private even though you can hear everybody talking. It’s nicer than a couple motels I’ve stayed in.”

Evan Tracy, 30, and his girlfriend, Sasha Laurel, were next. After they were through, they were delighted. Tracy crowed, “Mission accomplished – I totally had sex in there and it was great.” “It was pretty awesome,” Laurel said, sfgate.com reported.

By the end of the evening, the Hook-Up Truck headed to Amnesia, a dive bar. And the evening ground to a halt, as no one showed up to use the facilities. The Hook-Up Truck had used up its 15 minutes of fame.

Emerson told sfgate.com: “This is all an experiment. It’s something to put on the checklist.”