Californians Turn to Tasers and Stun Guns in Lieu of Real Guns

Californians Turn to Tasers and Stun Guns in Lieu of Real Guns

Tasers and stun gun sales are booming in California, as they can be purchased without jumping through all the hoops that attend the purchase of a defensive firearm.

According to KUSI News, San Diego, Californians have watched police use tasers to “subdue” people, so they are now acquiring tasers to be able to do the same in the event of attack.

KUSI says, “These devices, which use electrical charges to subdue or bring an unruly person under control, are widely available to almost everyone.” And there is no background check or permit required to get or use one.

California Police Equipment Store’s Robert Soldenski said one of his customers used her taser against an attacker in a grocery store: “It was last week–someone was coming to steal her purse. She dropped her purse, took her taser out, she turned it on, the laser came on and the guy saw the laser, The guy didn’t know what she pulled out of her purse so he ran away.”

Soldenski sells both tasers and stun guns.

Tasers shoot barbs which lodge in the assailant’s skin and deliver a debilitating shock, while stun guns deliver and extremely painful, though not debilitating, shock. 

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