Lawsuit Targets SF Policeman Who Spat on Female Parking Officer

Lawsuit Targets SF Policeman Who Spat on Female Parking Officer

A female San Francisco parking control officer has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against a city police officer after he allegedly almost ran her over and spit on her face, in what her attorney is calling a case “about disrespect,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The lawsuit lists both the City of San Francisco and Police Officer Thomas Lovrin, a 31-year veteran of the San Francisco Police Department, as defendants. Lovrin reportedly appeared inebriated while driving back from a baseball game on April 9, in which the San Francisco Giants suffered a 7-3 defeat to the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The suit says Lovlin was on his cell phone as he drove through a red light at a high speed, nearly hitting Sargent Shanika Bell of the Department of Parking and Traffic. Lovlin then proceeded to belittle Bell and harass her for approximately 10 minutes before unzipping his jacket to reveal his badge, telling her “you’re nothing” and then spitting in her face, reports the Chronicle.

“It’s pretty shocking that a police officer would treat a fellow law-enforcement officer in such a despicable way,” said Bell’s attorney John Burris.

Bell is reportedly seeking unspecified damages.