Eight-Year-Old Girl Struck in Neck During Oakland Shooting

Eight-Year-Old Girl Struck in Neck During Oakland Shooting

An eight-year-old East Oakland girl is in critical condition after she was struck in the neck by what police presume was a stray bullet.

The girl was playing with her younger brother in front of their home early Friday evening when two men got out of a car and shot ten rounds of bullets, according to KTVU.com.

Another man, believed to be in his 40s, was shot in the hip. He is expected to survive, as he suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

It is unclear who the intended target or targets were. Police also said they do not have a good description of the two gunmen or their getaway car, which is being described as a light-colored Sedan, KTVU reported.

Gun-related violence is no stranger to the streets of Oakland, CA, where recent reports have revealed a stunning statistic of inner-city youth who suffer from a form of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), coined “hood disease.”

“It’s horrible what happened. It’s very troubling to hear that another young child has been hurt due to gunfire in Oakland. It’s really upsetting,” neighbor Celestine Robinson said. Robinson is reportedly raising her one-year-old grandson and said she is very concerned for the safety of children in the area.