Marijuana-Infused 'Sizzurp' Comes to L.A.

Marijuana-Infused 'Sizzurp' Comes to L.A.

“Grape Syzurp with Cannibanoids,” a new, purple-colored concoction that promises to get you just as high as regular sizzurp, but in a “safer” way, is heading to the Los Angeles-area medical marijuana market, according to L.A. Weekly. The new product will begin to be sold at area medical marijuana dispensaries this week.

Actabliss, the makers of the marijuana-infused sizzurp, claim the new stuff is much safer than traditional sizzurp, which contains codeine and produces a numbing, euphoric effect after ingestion. The new sizzurp contains no codeine, just lots of THC.

“I touted it as a healthy alternative to lean,” said Actabliss’ founder, who would only identify himself as Actaboss in the report. “A lot of people who say they want to stop drinking lean are purchasing it. A whole group of people realize it’s good medicine and it works for them.”

The THC sizzurp has drawn its fair share of criticism; according to L.A. Weekly, some are questioning whether glorifying a product that has been known to be a serious problem in the rap world is a good idea.

Still, medical marijuana patients who tried the stuff are apparently really enjoying themselves. Says Actaboss in the report:

“They said it lasts 10 hours and gets them heavily medicated with that syrup feeling. It’s sedated and relaxing. It’s not just some lean knock-off. The medicinal side outweighs how close can we get this to real lean side. When I formulated it, I did try to make it thick and muddy. We’re using big pharma to promote a healthy alternative to big pharma.”

A 2 oz. bottle of the sizzurp costs $45. Actabliss is reportedly already hard at work on creating new flavors.


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