Surprise Baby Swans Snatched by Animals in San Francisco

Surprise Baby Swans Snatched by Animals in San Francisco

It’s the latest tragedy at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts. Two baby swans, also known as cygnets, born there less than a week ago, have gone missing and are presumed to be dead. The alleged killers are believed to be a snapping turtle, big-mouth bass or an owl, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Palace reportedly has had a history of swan tragedies, which include swan theft, snapped swan necks and the potential infanticide of baby swans by their angry fathers who don’t want competition during mating season. 

However, this time, their father, Blue Boy, is not a suspect in the crime.Their disappearance is just as shocking as their appearance. Their birth was a surprise to caretakers who had replaced four real eggs laid by the cygnets’ mother, Blanche, in a goodhearted attempt at protecting the offspring for purposes of population control, the Chronicle notes. 

Blanche had apparently laid two more eggs in their absence and out came the tiny duo, only to be wiped off the face of the pond days after they appeared to tourists eager to see the small swans.