Driver Didn't Know He Was Transporting $650,000 Worth of Pot

Driver Didn't Know He Was Transporting $650,000 Worth of Pot

A truck driver hauling a car from Los Angeles to Memphis apparently did not realize he was transporting 115 pounds of marijuana, worth about $650,000, along with the car, reports Oklahoma City ABC affiliate KOCO.

The Canadian County Sheriff’s Office reportedly pulled the driver over at a truck stop at around 6:15 a.m. on Sunday and searched the car, finding “several bundles” of the drug.

Canadian County Undersheriff Chris West told Oklahoma’s News 9 that the smell of marijuana was so strong, sheriffs did not even need to bring out the dogs to know there were drugs in the car.

“The deputies themselves could smell the strong odor of marijuana,” he said.

The report mentions that local police will work with out-of-state authorities to try to catch the culprits, although Undersheriff West acknowledged the difficulty in catching interstate smugglers.

“We are catching a small fraction of the loads that are coming through,” said West.