San Diego Comic-Con Already Hottest Ticket in Town

San Diego Comic-Con Already Hottest Ticket in Town

Anyone hoping for the current superhero craze to die down is in for some sobering news.

Consider the San Diego Comic-Con, a signature event for those who follow genre faves like Star Wars, The Walking Dead and Marvel movies (Iron Man, The Avengers).

The event is still more than two months away, but tell that to potential Comic-Con goers just trying to secure a parking space near the event.

Spots are almost impossible to buy thanks to the hearty demand, and the web site handling a main parking destination crashes like shortly after its launch.

At one point the [Ace Parking] website experienced 6,000 hits every minute and the site could not keep up.

Everyone is buzzing, trying to answer phone calls and emails, really trying to address each individual situation,” said [Ace Parking’s Kristin] Ludwick.

Some are still lucky enough to find a spot, web crashes and all. Those who want to attend the geek-friendly event are out of luck, though. This year’s Comic-Con, to be held July 24-27, already is sold out.