Google Glass Goes Designer, No Longer 'Just for the Nerds'

Google Glass Goes Designer, No Longer 'Just for the Nerds'

Google Glass has partnered up with American fashion icon and designer Diane Von Furstenberg to elevate users’ cool optical experience with a whole new level of chic. The hardware will remain unchanged with the exception of its color, which will coordinate to match five new frames and eight new shades.

According to TechCrunch, “Google needs such partnerships to convince the general public that Google Glass is not something just for the nerds. Google Glass needs style. It needs attitude and a new identity.”

Google Glass’s new look, thanks to DVF, will be available to consumers via online luxury fashion shop Net-A-Porter and the Google Glass store starting June 23, TechCrunch notes.

The group announced in March of this year that it had created an alliance with the Italian optical wear giant Luxottica group and is also deciding on frames by branded names such as Ray-Ban and Oakley. These selections should be available by 2015.

At current market value, Google Glass costs $1,500. With a DVF-branded upgrade, the frames will cost a pretty penny at $1,620.

Google Glass has been at the center of several controversies since it first appeared on the scene in the beginning of this year. Glass users have been thrown out of eateries, pubs, and other establishments over concerns about their devices’ built-in camera capabilities. Some have even been perceived as giving off an air of arrogance, which in February prompted the Silicon Valley tech giant to provide a bit of advice to its users: “Don’t be glassholes.”