Jerry Brown Quickly Tops California Gubernatorial Primary

Jerry Brown Quickly Tops California Gubernatorial Primary

Governor Jerry Brown has easily advanced in Tuesday’s primary election with over 55% of votes in his favor against his two main rivals, Republicans Neel Kashkari and Tim Donnelly.

According to polling data released by the Los Angeles Times, Brown has so far received approximately 1,077,000 votes which represents 60% of voters, with Kashari and Donnelly in a distant second and third, with just 18% of the vote for Kashkari and 15% for Donnelly.

Kashkari and Donnelly are rivaling neck and neck for the second spot, in order to advance to November’s general election.

Speaking to a crowd of reporters outside of the governor’s mansion in Sacramento, on the eve of his advancement, Jerry Brown said “I take nothing for granted” in November, according to the Associated Press. 

“At this point, 40 years from the time I won my first primary for governor of California, I’m ready to tackle problems, not on a partisan basis, but on the long-term basis of building California and making sure we’re ready for the future,” said Brown. 

If he wins in November’s general election, Brown who is 76 will serve his fourth term at Governor of California.