Peter Kuo (R) Advances in District with 50% Dems After Opposing 'Un-American' Affirmative Action

Peter Kuo (R) Advances in District with 50% Dems After Opposing 'Un-American' Affirmative Action

Peter Kuo, a Republican who led the charge against California’s proposed measure to reinstitute affirmative action, made the runoff on Tuesday in a Northern California State Senate district in which 50% of the voters are Democrats.

Democrat Bob Wieckowski, who was attacked by fellow Democrats throughout the race as someone who protected rapists, finished first with 35% of the vote. Kuo had 26.2% and Democrat Mary Hayashi, who is still on probation for stealing over $2,000 worth of clothes from Neiman Marcus, came in third. 

In a district that is only 17% Republican, Kuo gained traction by opposing “un-American” SCA 5, a state Senate initiative to put race-based affirmative action back on the ballot. Democrats ultimately pulled the measure in part because voters of Asian descent revolted against it. Kuo’s opponent, Wieckowski, is in favor of race-based preferences and said he would be a vote for SCA 5.

“As a State Senate candidate, I was given the opportunity to help lead the charge against an issue that is un-American and contrary to the dreams or our Founding Fathers,” Kuo said. “I call on all of you to stay vigilant in our fight to prevent the dangerous effects of institutionalized affirmative action.”

In a district that is also 40% Asian American, Kuo emphasized that SCA 5 was not just about education but an effort by California Democrats to “take from the accomplished, and give to those who did not” at the even the earliest stages. He also said SCA 5 would not be needed if California had a better education system.

“Tax the wealthy, give to those who are not,” he said of what Democrats in the state want to do and how that mentality is also reflective in their pro-affirmative action stances. “The American Dream is based on principles of hard work, persistence and achievement.”

Kuo is also running against corruption in Sacramento and to combat crony capitalism. He has plans for energy and to make California a more business-friendly state. And he has emphasized that SCA 5 would not even be considered if “our kids were better prepared for their post-high school careers.”

“We need a K-12 system that reflects the fact that we are one of the highest spending states per pupil in the country, yet our results are downright embarrassing,” he said.

Before the vote, the San Francisco Chronicle mentioned that Kuo, “an insurance agent also involved with a startup, doesn’t carry the baggage of the Democrats who were running against him. 

“If Kuo is not among the top two voter getters on June 3, the Sacramento me-first culture can relax,” the Chronicle noted. “Because November will be a contest between and”

Sacramento won’t be able to relax just yet, since Kuo will face off against Wieckowski.

The Chronicle also pointed out that Kuo, “an insurance agent also involved with a startup,”doesn’t carry the baggage of the Democrats who were running against him. During the campaign, Democrats attacked Wieckowski during with a “” website that exposed “Wieckowski’s lone vote against a bill to allow spouses to not pay spousal support or attorney’s fees to spouses convicted of domestic violence.” Wieckowski, according to the Chronicle, also supports the ability of BART workers to strike and said it would be just a “mere inconvenience” if people could not get to work because of it. 

The Chronicle said Wieckowski would continue the “Sacramento Gone Wild” culture.

Kuo almost dropped out of the race, but he started to gain traction by relentlessly opposing efforts to institutionalize race-based affirmative action. As Breitbart News has reported, “even though the University of California system has admitted a record number of Hispanics, the Latino caucus has vowed to try to re-institute affirmative action and declared doing so is one of their top legislative priorities.”

And after California Democrats pulled SCA 5, the Sacramento Bee noted that there were “racially tinged reprisals” against Democrats of Asian descent:  

A group of Latino and African American lawmakers informed Sen. Ted Lieu, D-Torrance, they were withdrawing their support for his congressional run. And African American and Latino lawmakers withheld their votes from an unrelated bill by Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi, D-Torrance, allowing it to fail on the floor.

Muratsuchi’s bill was a “totally unrelated measure that aimed to expand the number of low-emission vehicles allowed on high-occupancy vehicle lanes.”

“I feel I was targeted because of my race,” Muratsuchi told the Bee. 

Kuo has spoken about living the American Dream. He came to the country when he was 14, and he said he “studied and learned English, succeeded in school and business, and started a beautiful family with my wife.”

“That’s what my American Dream looks like,” he said. “And as your Senator, I will strive to make California a place where you too can accomplish your own American Dream.”

If enough Democrats in the Northern California state Senate district feel that race-based affirmative action targets them and their children and threatens their American Dreams, Kuo could pull off a shocker in November — and instantly elevate himself as a contender for higher statewide office.


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