Nostalgic License Plates Return to California

Nostalgic License Plates Return to California

Classic car lovers will have the opportunity to add a little nostalgic touch to their vehicles with California’s reintroduction of black, yellow and blue license plates from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Assemblyman Mike Gatto introduced Assembly Bill 1658, which created the California Legacy License Plate program in 2012. And as of Monday of this week, the classic black plates were finally allowed to be printed, as the DMV reached its required quota of at least 7,500 applications. 

The Chronicle says that applicants can expect to receive the plates next month. They cost $50 apiece. 

So far, the black plates with yellow lettering are the only ones being printed. But Classic blue plates with yellow lettering and yellow plates with black lettering will start being printed once the state receives enough applications.

Those interested in applying can fill out a pre-order form for the plates by clicking here