Boy or Girl? Baby 'Gender-Reveal Parties' on Rise in California

Boy or Girl? Baby 'Gender-Reveal Parties' on Rise in California

Expectant couples have been celebrating the anticipated arrival of their little ones with a twist on the traditional baby shower called “Gender-Reveal Parties.” 

One expectant mom, Kaylee Callahan Ng, spoke to Breitbart News. Ng is calling the trend “a happy, safe new epidemic starting in California” that has been taking the Golden State by storm. 

Kaylee and Chris Ng held a gender-reveal party of their own recently. She described the mysterious and celebratory event as a collaboration between “a baby shower and a reveal party,” explaining that it has “aspects that are the same as a shower,” in that friends are present, “but in this case you can have couples [present too].” 

Guests cast their votes as to the gender of the baby or babies, often in the context of party games. The gender of the impending bundle of joy is usually revealed with the slicing of a cake which will reveal blue for a boy or pink for a girl, or with a box that releases pink or blue balloons when opened.

Kaylee said they didn’t know the gender of their baby until the actual cutting of the cake at their party. “The only people who knew of the sex was our doctor, who wrote it on a piece of paper… and the baker who made the cake.” She and Chris went back and forth for weeks debating whether or not they should peek into the safe that guarded the closed envelope containing the doctor’s note. 

They finally decided they wanted to find out and to share the surprise with their friends, so they gave the envelope to a friend who took it to the baker. When they finally cut into the cake-which had “Twinkle twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are” on it- it was blue inside. 

The Ngs are expecting a boy in mid-August, Kaylee said. “Chris was really convinced that it was a girl… But I had a dream that it was a boy three times.” 

California weather and social media anchor Maria Quiban of My Fox LA provided a recent account of a gender reveal party in which the couple was expecting twins but surprised the guests with a cake which revealed that there was also a third baby in the mix: “At first, a scream of ‘Yes, it’s Blue! They’re boys!’… but then… ‘wait a minute, there’s also a strip of pink!’ Hmmm, that’s when we heard the happy parents-to-be announce they were indeed going to have identical twin boys! [And] a fraternal twin sister as well!!!!”

A cake with blue icing for a boy is tweeted by one user here:

Gender-revealing parties are expected to be popping up all over California, and most likely throughout the country, over the next few months. 

As for Kaylee and Chris, they are both “very shocked and very excited, and we can’t to wait to bring this little one into the world.” The baby boy will be taking both parents’ surnames. Kaylee said they are considering the name Connor Callahan Ng.


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