Poll: DeMaio ahead of Peters by 7%

Poll: DeMaio ahead of Peters by 7%

In California’s contentious 52nd congressional district, incumbent Democrat Representative Scott Peters will square off against former San Diego City Council member Carl DeMaio in November’s general election. A new Union-Tribune and 10 News poll of 750 registered voters puts DeMaio at 51% and Peters at 44% reported 10 News.

SurveyUSA, which conducted the poll, determined 554 of the 750 voters surveyed were listed as likely to vote in the November election.

Each candidate received similar backing from their respective party bases, DeMaio 82% from Republicans and Peters 87% from Democrats; however, moderates chose Peters over DeMaio 54% to 43% according to 10 News.

Voters who backed Republican candidate Kirk Jorgensen in the primary for the seat were surveyed as backing DeMaio 5:1, while supporters of former Republican Representative Brian Billbray surveyed, back DeMaio 11:1. Voters that have backed Representative Peters in the past, stay with him 11:1 in this poll. The 10 News report further breaks down results for individual demographics among those surveyed among men/women, conservatives/liberals, education, affluence and union/non-union.

San Diego’s Registrar of Voters reports all June 3, 2014 Primary Election ballots as having been counted; however, election results are not yet official. Unofficial results show Peters with 53,925 votes while DeMaio received 44,951 votes. The two will move on to battle it out in November’s general election. Jorgensen took home 23,586 of the votes and candidate Fred Simon won 5,040 votes.

DeMaio ran for mayor of San Diego in 2012, but was overtaken by Bob Filner. Filner did not last long as Mayor as he was driven from office as a barrage of women came forward with sexual harassment claims. In a special election to replace Filner, DeMaio chose not to renew his candidacy for Mayor and put his efforts to become the next Representative for the 52nd Congressional District. 


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