Illegal Alien Transfer Plans Resume as Predicted

Illegal Alien Transfer Plans Resume as Predicted

On again, off again, on again are plans to transport illegal alien detainees from overcrowded and overwhelmed Rio Grande Valley detention centers.

These centers have gained national attention for housing vast numbers of unattended Central American children, captured while crossing the southern U.S. border.

Plans for two flights to transport approximately 300 detainees from the Rio Grande Valley to El Centro and San Diego, California were cancelled last Sunday, the day before they were to occur. However, it was suggested by many that the cancellations were merely temporary, due to public outcry over the move, and that flight plans would resume as soon as the public turned attention away.

The detainees that were to land in San Diego, approximately 140, were said to be scheduled for processing in Murrieta, California. Protestors showed up last Sunday to push back against the planned transport. The group had visited the office of U.S. Rep. Kevin Calvert (R-CA) the previous week. Calvert, on Sunday, denounced the planned transfer, calling it outrageous and irresponsible.

Now those predictions that the flights would resume are proving true. Not a week after the most recently scheduled flights were originally planned to take place, the cancelled flight plans are being resumed. According to a report by the Associated Press, “Border Patrol announced Friday that it was going forward with its plans to fly Central American migrants from the Rio Grande Valley to Southern California and two Texas border cities.” 

Whereas previously the Border Patrol released details including the number, date, and locations of planned flights, this time the number of migrants and dates for the flights have not been released.

Detention centers to house illegal alien children, families, and adults have been popping up around the country. Though not expected to be the destination for these transferees, facilities run by the group Southwest Key house illegal immigrant youth. Their facilities are located not only in the border states of California, Arizona, and Texas, but also non-border states including Georgia, Wisconsin, and New York. 

A recently planned facility for the town of Escondido, California was shut down when overwhelming community opposition was expressed at a planning commission meeting. The planned facility included a five year lease for Southwest Key to use the proposed location.

Border Patrol has been overwhelmed with the glut of illegal border crossers, which have included masses of unaccompanied children. Pictures leaked by Breitbart Texas Editor Brandon Darby in early June have received national attention for the dense crowding in detention centers they showed. 

Darby relayed Obama administration plans to move the children from one detention facility to another in an attempt to avoid detection by state and local Child Protective services. He told Breitbart News Saturday, “So long as the children are housed on federal property such as military bases, the government can avoid scrutiny.”


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