LA City Attorney Pushing Ban On 'High Capacity' Magazines

LA City Attorney Pushing Ban On 'High Capacity' Magazines

The Los Angeles City Attorney Office is pushing a “high capacity” magazine ban similar to those in San Francisco and Sunnyvale.

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, under the terms of the proposed ban it would become a misdemeanor to posses a “high capacity” magazine one year after the ban’s implementation.

Upon implementation the language of the ban would give owners “60 days to surrender [their ‘high capacity’ magazines].”

Magazines for law enforcement, museums, and citizen-owned magazines “that hold 10 or less rounds of ammunition for firearms purchased before January 1, 2000,” would be exempt. 

On May 23, Elliot Rodger shot and killed three people in Santa Barbara using only 10 round magazines. He had over 40 in his possession when the attack was carried out. 

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