Aggressive Coyotes Roaming Burbank

Aggressive Coyotes Roaming Burbank

KTLA 5 in Los Angeles is reporting that the city of Burbank is under assault from coyotes coming into residential neighborhoods.

Nick Mendoza, a Burbank resident, was out walking his 130 lb. dog at 3 a.m. when a pack of more than a dozen coyotes suddenly appeared and threatened to attack. Mendoza told KTLA that tried to frighten the coyotes off by hurling lemons and threatening them with a shovel, but they still were poised to attack. He finally got in his car and scared them off using his high beams.

“This is the first time where I have had actually seen a pack,” he said. “They were hunting in a pack. They were coming down, the four of them were coming at me, and then the other ones were circling flanking me on the side, they were going to the side. That’s very scary, that’s when my heart started pounding.”

City officials are warning that residents walking their dogs should carry a bat or a golf club to protect themselves. They also are warning not to leave dogs or food outside.


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