Police Search for Thief Who Posed as Blind Veteran

Police Search for Thief Who Posed as Blind Veteran

CBS Los Angeles reports that a thief pretended to be a blind veteran in order to gain access to the back room of a check-cashing business and escape with $5,000. 

The business is located at Figueroa Avenue and Pacific Coast Highway in Wilmington.

The thief, wearing a baseball cap and handling a white cane to measure the area around him as if he were blind, entered and convinced the clerk of his disability. The female clerk offered to give the thief water and opened the back room to do so. The LAPD reported that the thief then pulled out a gun and demanded the clerk get him the money.

LAPD Detective Kevin Reynolds said, “This is very unusual. This isn’t the type of ruse that you would expect to see on a robbery.”

Police said the clerk attested that the thief filled out a form to cash checks at the business. They are still searching for the suspect.


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